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10 February 2008 @ 09:42 pm
Stuffed French Toast Recipe  
Name of Dish: Stuffed French Toast
Type of Dish: breakfast/brunch (or maybe even dessert)
Vegetarian/Vegan: vegetarian
Allergens: contains egg, dairy, gluten, optional nut
Budget Recipe: yes
Kid-Friendly Prep: not really. older kids might be able to chime in.

I made this long-time favorite for brunch this morning, so thought I'd post the recipe.

cookware required: medium sauce pan, skillet, spatula, shallow dish or pan for egg batter. pretty basic.

ingredients (to serve four)

-2 apples, peeled, cored, cut into bite-sized chunks
-1/4c brown sugar
-3tbs butter
-1tsp cinnamon

put above ingredients into medium sauce pan over med-low heat. stir. cover.

-1 baguette, in 3/4-ish inch slices
-4oz plain cream cheese
-dash cinnamon
-enough butter to grease skillet

grease skillet with butter and set on medium heat.
spread one side of each baguette slice with cream cheese.
break eggs into shallow dish, mix them up, add dash of cinnamon.
dip the side of each slice that doesn't have cream cheese on it into egg batter.
place baguette slices egg-side down in skillet.

check on your apples. you want them tender crisp. i like to add 1/4c each of dried cranberries and raw, chopped walnuts to the apple pan and stir them in. if you like those, go for it.

once your baguette slices are golden brown on the egg side (maybe 5 minutes), turn off heat and take half of them out of the skillet. put them onto a serving platter (if you have guests or it's a fancy deal of some kind) or onto the plates you'll eat them of off, cream cheese up. proceed to spoon generous helpings of the apple filling onto the cream cheese. let it tumble off the edges and onto the plate--this is a fork and knife meal for sure. leave about 1/3 of the filling in the pan.

now, remove the other half of the baguette slices from the skillet and place them--cream cheese-side down--on top of the other baguette slices, so you get a sandwich-type thing with cream cheese and apples in the middle.

spoon the remaining apple filling on top of the stuffed french toasts.

*mama hint: if all this dried cranberry-cream cheese stuff is too much for your small child to handle, make a few plain toasts for the little guys. it's no extra work.

mooncrab on February 11th, 2008 06:07 am (UTC)
Oh my God. That sounds freaking delicious!