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04 February 2008 @ 07:24 pm
hippie scramble history (aka the genesis)  
some may ask, what is this hippie scramble of which you speak and enlist as your community name. ah, but the answer is a tale of struggle and triumph. seek and ye shall find said tale

the legend of the hippie scramble (or, how to whip up a cheap and tasty breakfast for a communihouse of lazy, hungover punks)

once upon a time in the far away land of minnespolis, where dumpsters floweth over with produce and punks live communally on almost every block, breakfast was a problem. whole houses of stinky, tattooed, traveling kids would wake each day at the crack of noon, their bellies all a-grumble from too much black label beer the night before. because punks are a poor, lazy breed, kicthens were typically bare and grimey. some more motivated individuals would climb atop their bikes and ride haphazardly to the seward community cafe on franklin ave upon waking, where they could order up a plate of vegan biscuits and gravey and smoke their hand-rolleds bent over the steam of their organic peace coffee.

more often though, the sourfaced punks were just grumpy, scavaging for bread crusts on the counters or soymilk in the back of the fridge, but instead usually settling for more black label, now warm and flat in their half empty cans.

then one day, all of that changed! it changed because of sonya and lisa, our heroines, who were compelled to take crazy steps never taken before within the punk community in order to recify the breakfast crisis. they made such bold moves as setting an alarm clock by which to wake before the pm, making six block pilgramages to the local whole foods grocery store for such commodities as eggs, cheese and ketchup, and organizing regular dumpster runs, making available mass qauntities of produce, often including peppers, onions and potatos.

thus the movement now known as "wake your ass up and make yourself something to eat if you're so hungry, you lazy, lazy punk" was born. it started small, like all great movements do. the efforts were grassroots and the first incarnation of what is now known as the hippie scramble was primitive. sonya and lisa woke one morning, famished, and stumbled to the kitchen for their usual scavenging ritual. a recent dumpstering had turned up a few usuable tomatos and several small, red potatos. lisa deduced that it might be a good idea to scramble a few eggs with the aforementioned produce, and maybe top with some parmesan cheese. sonya wholeheartedly agreed with this plan of action. thus, the pair set out for whole foods to procure the needed components. sonya, a true ketchup feind, insisted on a small bottle of heinz, even though it left them paying in change.

back at the ewing house, a grand punk palace on the minneapolis/edina boarder, sonya and lisa rummaged through the cupboards until an approiate fry pan was located. in went a splash of oil and the potatoes, from which lisa had cut the rotted parts before slicing them into coins. the pan sizzled approvingly and was answered with a generous salting. when the potatos were soft through their middles and were beginning to brown at their edges, lisa cracked a few eggs into the pan, stirring them into a scramble. as soon as the eggs were completely cooked, the mixture was topped with the tomatos, which had been wedged, and a generous fistful of parmesan, and stirred again until it was gooey and fragrant, the tomato skins puckering as the heat penetrated them.

feeling accomplished, sonya and lisa sat down to enjoy their hardwon feast. but no sooner had they lifted their forks then punks started wandering in, scratching and groggy, having been awoken by the mouth-watering cooking smells permeating the house. because they were punks, who of course have no manners, they had the audacity to come right out and say, "hey. can we get some of that?"

before sonya, the greedier and far less aulteristic element of the dynamic scrambling duo, could refuse, lisa (who is a much better person overall and is really into sharing and community all those sorts of hippie concepts) redivided the breakfast booty until their was enough to go around. the result was painfully small portions for each ewing dweller, and a vow to repeat the preformance the following morning with a higher volume in mind. it was a great success. and thus the hippie scramble was born, so named because if it weren't for the hippie ideals nestled in the cold, black heart of the punk community house called ewing, no such family-style breakfast would exsist amoung the crusty travelers.

sonya and lisa spent time honing their scrambling skills. sometimes working seperatly and other times as a team, they brought the hippie scramble into many a minneapolis punkhouse, graciously spreading the good news. dumpster loot was combed through for items to earmark for scrambles, and the sheer variety of produce brought fourth from the maw of the dumpster offered endless combonations to experiement with. more and more folks picked up their spatulas and decided to try their hand at scrambling, and most found it to be a deeply satisfying experience. scramble purists stuck with the potato/egg/veggie/cheese mix, but several more radical minds of the movement produced dishes flung far from the orginal scramble concept. these variations, however, still clearly kept roots with the history and spirit of the first scamble, and thus the movement spread, and the good word of the hippie scarmble was able to reach more and more people from more and more communities.

now, thanks to the the magic of the world wide web, hippie scramble is no longer a delicacy only to be enjoyed by punks, oh no! mothers and fathers are preparing this veristile dish for their families for dinner! those on the go are stuffing it into tortillas for easy transport! cusine from several global cultures has permeated the movement and several asian and mexican influnenced versions of the scramble now exisit. truly, the possibilites are now endless.

so i send you off now with the folowing messege: have at it, and be proud of your scramble and the historical struggle for which it stands. know in your heart you yourself are now part of a movement that stands tall and says we will not be breakfastless again.
mooncrab on February 5th, 2008 01:33 am (UTC)
That's so cool, I love this story.

You should make this sticky. Make the year, like 20 years from now, so it's the first post you see when you visit the community.
mooncrab on February 7th, 2008 02:43 am (UTC)
(Actually, I just linked to it on our info page. Hope you don't mind; feel free to take it down if you do.) <3